Program Plan Templates
i. Introduction and Table of Contents
Job Market
B. Targeted Occupations
C. Total Program Goals and Objectives
D. Program Description of included Courses, SOE and Leadership
E. Program and/or Course Subject Matter Content Outline
F. Program Completion Standards
G. Description of Facilities and Major Equipment
H. Five Year Facility and Equipment Acquisition Schedule
I. Staff Assignments
J. FFA Program of Activities
K. School and/or Department Policies
L. Proficiency Standards for Program Completers
M. Teacher Data Sheet for each Teacher
N. Roster of Agriculture Advisory Committee
O. Advisory Committee Minutes
P. Current Year Budget
Q. Signed Articulation Agreement and/or Evidence of Articulation
 R. Graduate Follow-up System
S. List of Active Placement Sites
T. Recruitment Activities and Materials

    a. Firebaugh HS Brochure

    b. Sample Newsletter

    c. Washington Union HS Brochure

U. Staff In-service Record.
V. Staff Minutes
W. Department Inventory