Revised April 4, 2009



Article I.                       Name and Purpose of the Organization


Section A:        The name of this organization shall be the "Southern Region of the California Association of Future Farmers of America"  Members and local chapters are hereinafter referred to as FFA.  The local chapter name shall be identical with the name of the town or city were located, or the name of the community in which the school is situated and/or the school name.


Section B:         The primary aim of the FFA is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The specific purposes for which this organization was formed are as follows:


1.  To develop competent and assertive agricultural leadership.


2.  To develop an awareness of the global importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well-being.


3.  To strengthen the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work.


4.  To promote the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career.


5.  To stimulate development and encourage achievement in individual agricultural experience programs.


6.  To improve the economic, environmental, recreational and human resources of the community.


7.  To develop competencies in communications, human relations and social abilities.


8.  To develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.


9.  To build cooperative attitudes among agriculture students.


10. To encourage wise management of resources.


11. To encourage improvement in scholarship.


12. To provide organized recreational activities for agriculture students.




Article II.                      Organization


Section A:        The Southern Regional Association of the FFA is an association of chapters located in the seven counties of Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.  These chapters may be organized only in public schools qualifying for reimbursement under the Federal Vocational Education Act.


Section B:         There shall be five sections within the Southern Region.  They are:  High Desert, Imperial, Orange, Riverside and San Diego.   Each section may elect Sectional FFA Officers and establish a Constitution and Program of Work provided they are not in conflict with the Regional, State and National Organizations.


Section C:        The advisor of a local chapter must be a qualified vocational agricultural teacher currently teaching reimbursable vocational agriculture at that school.


Section D:        Establishment of a new chapter must be in accordance with provisions outlined by the California Association, FFA Constitution and By-Laws.


Section E:         The Regional FFA Executive Committee shall have full authority and responsibility to carry-out regional activities of the organization as defined by the Regional FFA Constitution & By-Laws and Program of Work.


Article III.                    Membership


Section A:        Membership in the Southern Region FFA Organization shall be by active chapters.


Section B:         Active chapters must be in good standing with the Regional, State, and National Association.  Each active chapter is entitled to two official delegates at regional meetings.


Section C:        Two teachers and two non-teachers Honorary Southern Region Members may be nominated by the Sectional FFA Presidents and the Regional FFA Executive Committee and submitted to the Regional FFA Delegates for final approval.  The Regional FFA Executive Committee will forward a list of nominees to the delegates the fall regional meetings. The delegates mayselect a teacher and a non-teacher candidate for honorary membership.


Section D:        The Southern Region FFA Executive Committee shall submit at least one nominee for the State Honorary Degree.


Article IV.                    Membership Privileges


Section A:        Each active chapter shall be entitled to two official voting delegates at each regional meeting.  These delegates shall have the power to vote on behalf of their chapter.



Article V.                     Officers


Section A:        The Southern Region shall elect (8) eight Regional FFA Officers:  President, Secretary, and (6) six Vice Presidents.  The Regional FFA Officers and Advisor constitute the Southern Region FFA Executive Committee.


Section B:         The Regional Officers of the Organization shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the delegates present at the annual spring regional meeting.  


Section C:        The Regional Advisor is not elected each year as he is automatically elected by reason of his/her position in the California Department of Education as Southern Regional Supervisor of Agriculture Education.  Assistant Regional FFA Advisors may be appointed by the Regional FFA Advisor on a annual basis.


Section D:        Each chapter may submit applications. Applicants for office in the Southern Region FFA must be an active member, be a sophomore or junior, hold at least the Chapter FFA Degree, and have and maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher. Applications must be received by the posted deadline and all applicants will be interviewed by the Nominating Committee.


Section E:         All elective Regional FFA Officers shall hold office for one year after their election or installation at the State FFA Leadership Conference or Spring Regional Meeting, unless removed from office for cause by the Regional FFA Executive Committee.  Newly elected Regional Vice Presidents/Section Presidents will be installed to their Sectional Office at the time in which their entire newly elected Sectional Officer team is installed.


Section F:         All officer vacancies shall be filled by the Regional President and approved by the Regional FFA Executive Committee until the next regular election is held.


Section G:        A committee consisting of retiring Regional FFA Officers and the Regional FFA Advisor shall serve as the Nominating Committee.    


Section H:        The office of President shall be determined by the Regional Nominating Committee placing their number one and number two ranked candidates against each other.   These two candidates shall be elected from the pool of at large applicants.


Section I:          Of the two candidates nominated for Southern Region President, the candidate receiving the fewest votes from the delegate body shall automatically become the Southern Region Secretary.


Section J:          The five (5) Vice Presidents shall be nominated from the qualified pool of applicants with two candidates representing each of the five (5) sections being nominated against each other.  The winner of each of these pairings shall also become the President of that Section.   The five (5) Regional Vice Presidents/Section Presidents shall be elected by ballot by their respective sections during the regional meeting. 


Section K:        In the event, there are not (2) two qualified candidates from a given section in the candidate pool, then the Regional Nominating Committee may recommend only (1) one candidate for that position. In the event there are no qualified candidates or applicants from a given section, that that slot may be filled by at-large candidates to become an At-Large Regional Vice President.


Section L:         Only those candidates screened by the Regional FFA Nominating Committee may be elected to Regional Office.  Applicants not placed on the ballot can not be nominated from the floor at the Spring Regional Meeting and therefore are not eligible for Regional Office.


Article VI.                    Meetings


Section A:        The Regional FFA Executive Committee will meet as necessary when called by the Regional FFA President.


Section B:         The Southern Region FFA Association shall hold three meetings each year -- the time and place to be determined by the Regional FFA Executive Committee.


Article VII.                   Dues


Section A:        Regional dues may be fixed annually by majority vote of the Regional FFA Executive Committee.   If Regional dues are ever levied, they become delinquent on November 1st of each year.  Chapters not submitting regional dues by the Spring Regional FFA Meeting are not eligible to vote or participate.


Article VIII.                  Procedure


Section A:        Parliamentary Procedure in all meetings of this organization shall be in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


Article IX.                    Amendments


Section A:        Amendments to the Southern Region FFA Association Constitution or By-Laws may be submitted in writing by any FFA Section to the Regional FFA Executive Committee.  All proposed amendments must be submitted to the Regional President or Advisor on or before February 1st to be considered.  After review of any proposed amendments by the Regional FFA Executive Committee, all amendments meriting consideration will be sent out by letter to the chapters at least 30 days before the next regional meeting.


Section B:         Amendments to this Constitution or By-Laws shall be adopted by a 2/3's vote of all delegates present at the regional meeting.


Section C:        This Constitution and By-Laws may be adapted to fit the needs of the Southern Region FFA Association provided they are not in conflict with the State or National FFA Constitutions.